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Julie Clark

Julie Clark Photo A pilot for more than 45 years and a retired Northwest Airlines Captain, Julie Clark has logged more than 33,000 accident-free hours in the air and is rated in more than 66 types of aircraft. Marking her 36th year as a solo aerobatic air show pilot, Julie has earned the admiration of fans everywhere and garnered many awards and honors. Read more about Julie Clark

Upcoming events and shows

Skywriting Come out and see Julie Clark perform. Watching videos on the website is great, but nothing beats seeing the real thing!! See our schedule of events for the year… For details on here routine click – The Routine

The T-34 Mentor

T-34 The T-34 was the brainchild of Walter Beech, who developed it as the Beechcraft Model 45 private venture at a time when there was no defense budget for a new trainer model. Beech hoped to sell it as an economical alternative to the North American T-6/NJ Texan, then in use by all services of the U.S. military. Learn about Julie’s T-34